On Sunday September 16th, the winners of the Street Art Awards Benelux 2018 were announced at Theater Rotterdam. The lovely host Birgit Schuurman declared artist duo Telmo Miel as winner of Best Global Mural. The award for Best Artist went to Leon Keer. The People’s Favorite Award 2018 was for Studio Giftig. Daniel Mac Lloyd from Luxemburg got the award for Young Talent 2018.

Winners Street Art Awards Benelux 2018
Global Mural
: Telmo Miel (Rotterdam/ Amsterdam)
Benelux + ABC Mural: Bier en Brood (Rotterdam)
Best Artist Benelux + ABC: Leon Keer (Utrecht)
People’s favorite: Studio Giftig (Veldhoven)
Young Talent: Daniel Mac Lloyd (Luxemburg)
Best Message: Icy & Sot (USA)
Greatest Gallery: GO Gallery (Amsterdam)
Local Initiative: Keith Haring mural (Amsterdam)
Most Inventive: BonBon (Utrecht)
Best Photo / Video: Wojofoto (Amsterdam)

Read the full press release here (Dutch)

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