Club Atelier helps with “Music, Meals & Movies”

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This creative community comes up with new initiatives and calls for participation
Club Atelier would open the new second larger location in Amsterdam in mid-March. A creative place for culture, sports, work and events, where everyone is welcome. Due to the Corona pandemic, the opening has been delayed, so they come up with 3 inventive initiatives to still be able to contribute. Recreational, but also for people who need help just now. They help by offering live music and concert streaming, drive-in bios and food packages. The Atelier team is met with partners and volunteers working hard to accomplish all this. The call is that people sign up to help or if they need help! With the proceeds of all donations, Club Atelier would like to thank all heroes and kept within the crucial professional groups as soon as the sun shines again and the virus is over by organizing a benefit festival on the museum square for 50,000 people for all ages with music, sports and games :! In addition, the proceeds will be used to set up a fund for duped freelancers and the Red Cross will be supported.

Club at home
Club Atelier, in collaboration with its partners, will provide a number of streamed dance and live music concerts from the Club Atelier location in Amsterdam. Of course without an audience, because those are the dance lovers at home. The line up with dance and live music will be announced in the coming days.

Drive-in cinema
Club Atelier will also create a drive-in cinema in their large car park. The drive-in cinema and the live streaming of music and concerts are of course free. All viewers and visitors can donate an amount via account number NL52INGB0007964336 in the name of Atelier AF3 B.V. stating we all support. The proceeds will be used to organize a benefit concert for the crucial professional groups that keep society running, such as in healthcare and education. The promotion runs indefinitely.

Food packages
In addition to giving a creative twist to fun activities, Club Atelier also thinks of the elderly and people in healthcare who need help now. The elderly often cannot do their shopping and hospital staff often do not have time to prepare a meal. Club Atelier makes it possible to collect food packages for free on location, or to have them delivered free of charge.

Support both ways
Do you need help or do you want to help with cooking, turning, playing, delivering or otherwise? Please let us know via

Substantive and further detailed executive announcements about the three initiatives including line up, data, URL of the streaming channel and the details and allocation of the revenues are published and updated via the Club-Atelier website, the Linked In Page, Facebook and Instagram .

These initiatives are made possible by partners of Club Atelier and highly valued family and (often self-employed) friends:
Club Atelier – Heineken – Bud – Grolsch – Red Bull – Triledgy – Hanos – Pernod Ricard – Vascobelo – Sir Joe – Lipton – Bos Ice Tea –- Fysiomed – Savills – Workthere – CBRE – DBN Groep – Boelens de Gruyter – Omeso – Tutti Celli – Seawolf Records – Floatville – EGG helmets – Gymbox – Ventil – BEGIN-Amsterdam – Taide – E-Lockers – Zijlstra and Ten Hove – The Boys of the Younger, BVRI – MissPublicity – Art Publicity – Sounddream Audio– G Star – Woodwork – The Pizza bakers – AXP Accountants, Jaap Admiraal Makelaardij, Marie Stella Maris – VICE, Jan Magazine – Renze Ten Cate Design, Jorna Event Producties, Frank Nijpels production, Jesse Nieuwenhuijzen – and countless other enthusiastic helpers and volunteers.

About Club Atelier
Club Atelier is an initiative of Charly Heusschen, Omar Jacobij, Loek Mennen and Samson Genet. It is a label with a conscious DNA and mishmash of work, culture, sports, business, events, kids playground and workspace community. Atelier cannot be put in one box: refuse to choose. Atelier mixes all colors and flavors.

It is “an industrial and colorful block box that can be colored in according to your own ideas to inspire, wonder and create”. Club Atelier has 3,000 square meters of surface and a terrace of more than 1,500 square meters full in the sun – so that is enjoyable. And that within five minutes cycling from the Vondelpark, Amsterdamse Bos and the Nieuwe Meer!

The starting point is a creative place where everyone is welcome for almost all imaginable activities and collaborations. Club Atelier is based on the following pillars: office, rental, events, catering, sports and kids. The activities are a mix of own initiatives and co-ops with other creative entrepreneurs, initiators and brands who are still looking for a place for “whatever it may be.” Think of meetings, coaching sessions, photo shoots, club evenings. , workshops, hairdresser, personal training, boot camps, vinyl record sales, private dinners and yoga sessions.

More information about Club Atelier
Address: Anthony Fokkerweg 3, 1059 CM Amsterdam
Contact: Charly Heusschen, 0629052633


Shanghai inspiration tour 2019

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A glimpse of a week full of inspiration in China’s largest city; Shanghai. 🇨🇳

From the vibrant M50 Designer Districts where you can also find a lot of work by Dutch artists, to e-commerce platform and agency ArtGoGo and from tiny-house manufacturers to of course very special local F&B concepts.

But certainly a lot of pre-work for the upcoming exhibition of AAA Fresh in Shanghai in April 2020. So, to be continued in four months…

Opening ‘Dilemma Doolhof’

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Thursday 13 June was the opening of the Dilemma Doolhof which roughly translates to ‘Dilemma Maze’. The Maze is art producer Mothership’s most recent interactive art installation. The extraordinary installation is located between the Canadian and British war cemeteries in Bergen op Zoom. The installation confronts visitors with major decisions in conflicts from past and present. The impact of the Second World War is made tangible and palpable during a walk in the maze. Through this experience the impact of World War II is conveyed to younger generations. The Dilemma Maze was conceptualized by Mothership and developed by Brabant Remembers in collaboration with the municipality Bergen of Zoom and Heijmans. Those present at the opening included Frank Petter – mayor of Bergen op Zoom, chairman of Stichting Crossroads Brabant ’40-’45 Ton Rombouts, provincial governor of Noord-Brabant Wim van de Donk and Canadian ambassador Sabine Nölke. The Maze will remain in Bergen op Zoom for a year.

Herring Party hosted by Bilderberg Parkhotel & MissPublicity

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On Wednesday 12 June the first barrel of new herring was awarded to a resident of Rotterdam who means a lot to the city. This is the third time the annual ceremony has been held. This year the highly sought after barrel was awarded to Patrick van der Jagt better known as Caveman. Street artist Eelco van den Berg (I AM EELCO) colourfully decorated the barrel during the herring party itself, organised by the Bilderberg Parkhotel Rotterdam and PR agency MissPublicity.

Rotterdam Rave Outdoor Festival 2019 relocates to RDM site in raw harbour area

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The Rotterdam Rave Outdoor Festival 2019 is relocating from the Lloyd Multiplein to the RDM site – an exciting location typical of Rotterdam. This marks the realization of a long-cherished wish of the organization. The relocation makes this large technofestival the only outdoor dance event held in Rotterdam this summer to take place at such an industrial harbour site.

Read the full press release here (in Dutch).

Legendary nightclub Now&Wow returns to Rotterdam

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In 2000 the duo Pietra Ligura and Ted Langebach opened club Now & Wow. Many DJs such as Benny Rodrigues, Joris Voorn, Martin Solveig and even De Jeugd van Tegenwoordig made their first appearance here. From 8 September, the doors of this artistic club will reopen. It’s all about the entire experience.

The nightlife in 2018
Now&Wow was the club for freeminders, with hilarious decors and a good dose of humor, fashion and art. Now&Wow grew as an indoor festival with new performance talents, DJs and total theater. Now&Wow is a regular partner at Milkshake festival and hosts a big stage every year. In 2018 it is time for a new, international club on Saturday. The Rotterdam nightlife must start to roar again with the reopening of this legendary club. There are not many places like this yet. A club where new icons and talents will share the stage and where art, fashion and humor are central.

Renovation and exclusivity
At the moment the refurbishment of factory 010, tenth floor of the famous Maassilo, is in full swing. There are no themes as before anymore. The Now&Wow club now has three halls (the Now room, Kiss My Ass and Disco L’amour) with techno, house, disco, queer hop and all variants of dance. It’s a mix of music that will attract a large audience.

The club will also become smaller and more exclusive than before. Every Saturday evening around 1000 people can enjoy the music all night long.
Tickets can now be purchased online, but at the door is also still possible.

Information Now&Wow
DanceClub Now&Wow was founded in 2000. The duo Pietra Ligura and Ted Langenbach created a colorful and glamorous platform within the dark walls of Now & Wow through image, sound and the characteristic perfomance art of the club. With themed evenings such as: Lolita Klup, Hipsters, Electric Ballroom, Beatboetiek, Flirt, Kissy Kissy Bang Bang, S.H.I.T. (Advanced High International Trash), Soulpunkers on Discospeed and Speedfreax music, they bring together image, design, fashion, theater and performances into an ultimate mix that encouraged the many visitors to participate in an artistic way.

Other information
Location: Maassilo – Maashaven Zuidzijde 1-2, Rotterdam

“More info in press release here (Dutch)”

ArtPublicity expands her portfolio

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MissPublicity’s cultural branch increases visibility for creative minds

Yesterday ArtPublicity announced its extensive portfolio during the Parade Rotterdam. The artistic sister of marketing and PR agency MissPublicity generates a stage for art institutions and now also helps artists from different disciplines to increase their visibility and network. The customer base of ArtPublicity has recently been expanded with bridal photographer FotoBelle, DJ and music producer Warren Fellow, DJ Karim Soliman and the artist trio AAAFRESH123. It was also announced that ArtPublicity will provide the PR around the art collection of one of the most famous post-war artists, Mathieu Ficheroux.

New names
As a sister of marketing and PR agency MissPublicity, ArtPublicity brings art and culture closer to the public, and serves as a springboard for DJs, photographers, musicians, artists and artists. But chefs, galleries, museums and art institutions also belong to the ever-growing stock. The portfolio of ArtPublicity – with previous collaborations with the Wereldmuseum, Mark Peet Visser Gallery, Art Breda and the Veluwe Photo Days – has now been extended with an “ARTist branch” consisting of a number of promising and special names.

Isabelle Hattink is an international wedding photographer with a journalistic style. From various perspectives, Isabelle undetected captures all spontaneous, powerful and exuberant emotions. The talented photographer won the title ‘Fearless Photographer of the year 2017’, making it the first Dutch wedding photographer to call himself the best in the world.

Warren Fellow
During the years the Dutch DJ and producer Warren Fellow has built up a good track record. Through performances around the world, a long list of releases on various labels and collaborations with prominent artists, he is an established name in electronic music both nationally and internationally.

Karim Soliman
The originally Egyptian Karim Soliman moved to Rotterdam at a young age where he came into contact with electronic music. In 2011 he won the dj-contest of Michel de Hey and he started with organizing underground dance parties in Rotterdam and surroundings. Nowadays he is staging at major events from Toffler, Milkshake and Strafwerk. This entrepreneur is one of the largest event organizers in Rotterdam, responsible for concepts such as Rotterdam Rave Festival, Modular Festival and the Give Soul Collective.

AAA Gallery
The three artists Hans Kleinjan, Maikel Kleinjan and Roderik Faasen jointly developed their own distinctive style and started their own gallery under the name AAAFRESH123 (AAA Gallery). This Rotterdam gallery is unique in its kind and does not only show art, but also gives visitors a glimpse into the working method of AAA Gallery by literally creating a hole in the wall to the studio. The three are also involved in various artistic activities outside the gallery and provide live painting during events such as North Sea Jazz, the MTV EMA Awards and two-star restaurant Parkheuvel.

Mathieu Ficheroux
Mathieu Ficheroux is one of the most important Dutch visual artists from the second half of the twentieth century. Highlights in his works are the abstract expressionist paintings from the first half of the sixties, the ‘damaged’ paintings from the seventies and line paintings from the eighties. Ficheroux was a great painter and a brilliant draftsman. Over the years, he has regularly attracted attention in his hometown of Rotterdam with sculptures and (monumental) installations. In 1969 he was awarded the Chabot Prize. Fixeroux’s work still adorns Rotterdam’s streets. One example is the impressive portrait of Multatuli which can be found on the corner of the Van Oldenbarneveltstraat / Mauritsweg and ‘Het Vergeten Bombardement’ at the Gyzingplantsoen. The artist passed away in 2003. His work has been of great influence to Rotterdam and for this reason, has been brought to the attention again and partly returned to the city.

About ArtPublicity
Out of love for art and culture, owner Clarissa Slingerland founded ArtPublicity with the aim of linking the cultural sector to press, potential customers and enthusiasts in a timely manner. ArtPublicity tells the story of its creative minds to the press and through social media and other channels through a customized route, promotes greater brand awareness, promotes broad media attention and creates visibility. ArtPublicity has its headquarters in Rotterdam, but also operates from Amsterdam and Antwerp.

More information and the press release can be found here (Dutch)