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Elke dag werken voor verschillende makers binnen de kunst, theater en muziek? Dat kan! ArtPublicity zoekt met ingang van 1 november 2022 een Junior Marketing & PR-consultant. Wij leren je de kneepjes van het communicatievak en nemen je mee in het reilen en zeilen van het dynamische bureauleven. Interesse? Solliciteer dan voor 17 oktober naar Klik voor de hele vacature op onderstaande link.


New museum revives Hans Christian Andersen

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A one-of-a-kind artistic experience which provides a glimpse of the museum of the future

In the summer of 2021, the brand new Hans Christian Andersen House in Odense, Denmark will open its doors. The design is a poetic ode to the life and work of the Danish fairy tale writer Hans Christian Andersen. The Japanese star architect Kengo Kuma and his team came up with the design for the new museum – an elegant wood and glass construction that blends seamlessly into the lush green gardens. The unique combination of architecture, landscape and exhibition design means that the museum offers a completely new experience for the museum visitor.

The world of Hans Christian Andersen

Generations have been brought up with the stories of the Danish Hans Christian Andersen; one of the most famous and respected authors in the world. Everyone has heard of “the Little Mermaid”, “the Chinese Nightingale” or “Thumbelina”. But the new museum is not just about telling about Andersen and his fairy tales, but like Andersen. “Hans Christian Andersen’s artistic universe is wonderful. His fairy tales do not pretend to be universal truth, but rather point towards an openness – the peculiarity and complexity of this world,” said Henrik Lübker, the museum’s creative director. In this way, the new museum tries to create a breeding ground for new perspectives on ourselves, nature and our society.

An artistic experience

The vision of the Hans Christian Andersen House is therefore to bring his literary universe to life and to offer a complete artistic experience in which the interplay of architecture, sound, light and image continuously creates new experiences. Important in the creation process was the involvement of artists, filmmakers, illustrators and storytellers who gave Andersen’s fairy tales a completely new artistic interpretation. Underpinning this creation process is Andersen’s philosophy, running as a red thread through all of his fairy tales. There are profound messages in Andersen’s writing that reflect the author’s life. His work projects the duality of everything that surrounds us; real and imaginary, nature and culture, man and animal, light and darkness.

A new way of exhibiting

By immersing the visitor with all his sensory perception in Andersen’s fairy tale world, it is fully brought to life. The latest technologies and design concepts are cleverly used to connect everything so that the boundaries between reality and illusion appear to blur completely. By playing with perspective and scale, the visitor sometimes finds himself upside down, or at times very small. Due to the clever integration of architecture and landscape design, the journey through the museum leads visitors alternately inside and outside through the gardens. The magical gardens feel like a maze and the large plants have the ability to speak to you as you pass by. Because much of the museum is underground, sunken holes serve as a ‘gate’ between the real and the imaginary world.

The architects

The Japanese star architect Kengo Kuma and his team – well-known for the new Olympic stadium in Tokyo – were inspired by the fairy tale ‘The Tinderbox’, in which a magical tree reveals an underground world. “The idea behind the design equals Andersen’s method in which a small world suddenly unfolds into a larger universe,” says Kuma. The total area of ​​the museum and the garden is 12,600 square meters. Circular buildings of glass and wood are linked together like a chain and the curved green wall above ground defines both the garden and the underground exhibition spaces.

One of the biggest cultural openings of 2021

With a budget of more than 52 million euros, the new Hans Christian Andersen House is one of Denmark’s largest and most ambitious museum projects in recent years. The project was made possible by a substantial donation from The A.P. Møller Foundation, as well as from Nordea-fonden, The Augustinus Foundation, Knud Højgaards Fond and the City of Odense.


Odense – Denmark’s third city – is the birthplace of Hans Christian Andersen and is located on the island of Funen. Funen is rich in history, which can be seen in the many country houses and castles. You will find traces of Andersen’s existence all over the island. In addition, the island has many cycling and walking paths, a rich nature and, above all, a lot of water.

More information on the Hans Christian Andersen House

Anticipated opening: Summer 2021


Adress: H.C. Andersens Hus, H.C. Andersen Haven 1, 5000 Odense

Agency partnership with Flint Culture in London

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ArtPublicity goes international! Now?! Yes, now. The current pandemic brought about a time for reflection, innovation, and, surprisingly: connection. As we looked to our neighbours for inspiration and benchmarking – the UK has a rich cultural industry and many high quality one-stop PR agencies – a partnership emerged with none less than Flint Culture in London.

Founded in 2009, Flint Culture is a leader in Arts & Culture PR with offices in Mumbai, Delhi, Dubai and Istanbul. Flint Culture’s campaigns are specifically designed to attract and engage audiences, develop cultural brands and ensure maximum promotional impact beyond traditional public relations. Some of their best case studies are for the likes of London National Portrait Gallery, the India Art Fair, Odunpazari Modern Museum in Turkey, and the Hermitage Amsterdam.

First project: Hans Christian Andersen Museum

But there is more… We are also happy to announce that we will kick-off our partnership with an international campaign for the opening of the renewed and renovated Hans Christian Andersen Museum in the city of Odense, Denmark.

The museum, set out to open June 2021, honours H.C. Andersen, famous for his fairy tales. Of course we all know The Little Mermaid, The Ugly Duckling, The Little Match Girl and The Princess and the Pea, which have accompanied generations of children. Designed by the globally acclaimed Kengo Kuma architects, the museum is set to be one of the biggest cultural openings in 2021 capturing the fairytale spirit very accurately with its mystical structures and enchanted gardens. The campaign spans across The UK, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Germany, Austria, the Netherlands and Belgium. ArtPublicity is honoured to the lead on the Dutch and Belgian PR campaigns.

Looking into the future filled with fairytales, as well as an extended network and enriched cross-fertilization, we are definitely entering 2021 on an optimistic note!

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Counterbodies: a female perspective on the body

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Uncomfortable subjects, naked truths and unconventional perspectives: that’s what Counterbodies is all about. The unique pop-up exhibition presents the work of twelve (international) female artists – including Margiet van Breevort, Guda Koster, Kim van Erven, Daleen Bloemers and Natalia Grezina. The body is a theme that continues to fascinate, and which has inspired each of the artists in her work. Counterbodies pushes boundaries and breaks taboos. Curators Marth van Loeben (affiliated with Chrysalid Gallery) and Vladimir Radujkov (affiliated with NEON Foundation) provide both a fresh perspective and a high-quality standard by offering established as well as young artists a stage. A highlight of the side program definitely worth a detour! Read more…

When? During Art Rotterdam 2021 from 30th of June – 4th of July

Where? De Achtertuin, Oostzeedijk 108, 3063 BG Rotterdam

For more information please visit the website

The art of showing art today special 2020

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The cultural- and creative industries connect, help and inspire

Museums, galleries, (dance)theatres and creative hubs in the cultural- and creative industries are unfortunately forced by COVID-19 to keep their physical doors closed for the public. Luckily the industry does not lack creativity and innovation, which results in digital doors opening up left and right. Culture lovers can let out a sigh of relief thanks to many creative solutions and initiatives which enable the consumption of art at home. For the hardcore museum-goer there are virtual tours, for the dance-fanatic there are online streaming options of performances, for music-junkies there are live online concerts and for the fashion-creative there are digital fashion try-ons. Moreover, artists contribute significantly to society by sewing face masks, preparing food packages, and offering iconic art as a beacon of hope. Art is love!

Check out all initiatives here.