Counterbodies: a female perspective on the body

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Uncomfortable subjects, naked truths and unconventional perspectives: that’s what Counterbodies is all about. The unique pop-up exhibition presents the work of twelve (international) female artists – including Margiet van Breevort, Guda Koster, Kim van Erven, Daleen Bloemers and Natalia Grezina. The body is a theme that continues to fascinate, and which has inspired each of the artists in her work. Counterbodies pushes boundaries and breaks taboos. Curators Marth van Loeben (affiliated with Chrysalid Gallery) and Vladimir Radujkov (affiliated with NEON Foundation) provide both a fresh perspective and a high-quality standard by offering established as well as young artists a stage. A highlight of the side program definitely worth a detour! Read more…

When? During Art Rotterdam 2021 from 30th of June – 4th of July

Where? De Achtertuin, Oostzeedijk 108, 3063 BG Rotterdam

For more information please visit the website

Club Atelier helps with “Music, Meals & Movies”

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This creative community comes up with new initiatives and calls for participation
Club Atelier would open the new second larger location in Amsterdam in mid-March. A creative place for culture, sports, work and events, where everyone is welcome. Due to the Corona pandemic, the opening has been delayed, so they come up with 3 inventive initiatives to still be able to contribute. Recreational, but also for people who need help just now. They help by offering live music and concert streaming, drive-in bios and food packages. The Atelier team is met with partners and volunteers working hard to accomplish all this. The call is that people sign up to help or if they need help! With the proceeds of all donations, Club Atelier would like to thank all heroes and kept within the crucial professional groups as soon as the sun shines again and the virus is over by organizing a benefit festival on the museum square for 50,000 people for all ages with music, sports and games :! In addition, the proceeds will be used to set up a fund for duped freelancers and the Red Cross will be supported.

Club at home
Club Atelier, in collaboration with its partners, will provide a number of streamed dance and live music concerts from the Club Atelier location in Amsterdam. Of course without an audience, because those are the dance lovers at home. The line up with dance and live music will be announced in the coming days.

Drive-in cinema
Club Atelier will also create a drive-in cinema in their large car park. The drive-in cinema and the live streaming of music and concerts are of course free. All viewers and visitors can donate an amount via account number NL52INGB0007964336 in the name of Atelier AF3 B.V. stating we all support. The proceeds will be used to organize a benefit concert for the crucial professional groups that keep society running, such as in healthcare and education. The promotion runs indefinitely.

Food packages
In addition to giving a creative twist to fun activities, Club Atelier also thinks of the elderly and people in healthcare who need help now. The elderly often cannot do their shopping and hospital staff often do not have time to prepare a meal. Club Atelier makes it possible to collect food packages for free on location, or to have them delivered free of charge.

Support both ways
Do you need help or do you want to help with cooking, turning, playing, delivering or otherwise? Please let us know via

Substantive and further detailed executive announcements about the three initiatives including line up, data, URL of the streaming channel and the details and allocation of the revenues are published and updated via the Club-Atelier website, the Linked In Page, Facebook and Instagram .

These initiatives are made possible by partners of Club Atelier and highly valued family and (often self-employed) friends:
Club Atelier – Heineken – Bud – Grolsch – Red Bull – Triledgy – Hanos – Pernod Ricard – Vascobelo – Sir Joe – Lipton – Bos Ice Tea –- Fysiomed – Savills – Workthere – CBRE – DBN Groep – Boelens de Gruyter – Omeso – Tutti Celli – Seawolf Records – Floatville – EGG helmets – Gymbox – Ventil – BEGIN-Amsterdam – Taide – E-Lockers – Zijlstra and Ten Hove – The Boys of the Younger, BVRI – MissPublicity – Art Publicity – Sounddream Audio– G Star – Woodwork – The Pizza bakers – AXP Accountants, Jaap Admiraal Makelaardij, Marie Stella Maris – VICE, Jan Magazine – Renze Ten Cate Design, Jorna Event Producties, Frank Nijpels production, Jesse Nieuwenhuijzen – and countless other enthusiastic helpers and volunteers.

About Club Atelier
Club Atelier is an initiative of Charly Heusschen, Omar Jacobij, Loek Mennen and Samson Genet. It is a label with a conscious DNA and mishmash of work, culture, sports, business, events, kids playground and workspace community. Atelier cannot be put in one box: refuse to choose. Atelier mixes all colors and flavors.

It is “an industrial and colorful block box that can be colored in according to your own ideas to inspire, wonder and create”. Club Atelier has 3,000 square meters of surface and a terrace of more than 1,500 square meters full in the sun – so that is enjoyable. And that within five minutes cycling from the Vondelpark, Amsterdamse Bos and the Nieuwe Meer!

The starting point is a creative place where everyone is welcome for almost all imaginable activities and collaborations. Club Atelier is based on the following pillars: office, rental, events, catering, sports and kids. The activities are a mix of own initiatives and co-ops with other creative entrepreneurs, initiators and brands who are still looking for a place for “whatever it may be.” Think of meetings, coaching sessions, photo shoots, club evenings. , workshops, hairdresser, personal training, boot camps, vinyl record sales, private dinners and yoga sessions.

More information about Club Atelier
Address: Anthony Fokkerweg 3, 1059 CM Amsterdam
Contact: Charly Heusschen, 0629052633


Shanghai inspiration tour 2019

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A glimpse of a week full of inspiration in China’s largest city; Shanghai. 🇨🇳

From the vibrant M50 Designer Districts where you can also find a lot of work by Dutch artists, to e-commerce platform and agency ArtGoGo and from tiny-house manufacturers to of course very special local F&B concepts.

But certainly a lot of pre-work for the upcoming exhibition of AAA Fresh in Shanghai in April 2020. So, to be continued in four months…

The New Current introduces emerging artists Art Rotterdam Week.

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Large-scale exhibition in Spanish Cube shows work by new makers.

After their debut in February 2019, The New Current returns to one of the largest art events in the Netherlands: Art Rotterdam Week. During the exhibition, starting artists explore the (un) real world between people and technology. The large-scale exhibition shows major works and can be seen from 4 to 9 February 2020 in the Spaanse Kubus, near the Van Nelle Fabriek.

Press Release in Dutch here!

Rotterdam Art Collective AAAFresh123 Opens Exposition “De Kleur is Terug”

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A positive commemoration of the power of humanity
On November 9, 2019, AAAFRESH123 will open the exhibition “De Kleur is Terug” in their studio at the Zaagmolenkade in Rotterdam. “De Kleur is Terug” tells a positive story about the darkness of war: the realization that after war a person can bring the color of life back, wherever in the world. A positive memorial to the power of humanity. Artists Hans Kleinjan, Maikel Kleinjan, and Roderik Faasen are working together with the Spanish steel artist Toni Mari during this exhibition.

The Color is Back
In May 2020, it is eighty years ago that Rotterdam was bombed by the Germans. Many beautiful buildings from the city center were destroyed. For years the artists of the art collective AAAFRESH123 took old Rotterdam as a source of inspiration for many of their painting. The reconstruction appeals to the imagination while walking through the port city, but sometimes the cityscape is still a little disappointing. Yet you get the feeling that the city is going to shine more and more.

During the exhibition “De Kleur is Terug”, AAAFRESH123 presents an art object that will be placed in the outdoor space next year. In collaboration with the Spanish steel artist Toni Mari, AAAFRESH123 makes artwork that reflects on the harsh reality of the violence that has destroyed old Rotterdam. This work of art will act as a symbol of the perseverance that was required to make the city shine again. In addition to the new art object, a range of paintings can be seen that the artist trio made in the past year. The artists are very involved with Rotterdam and therefore feel part of the strong growth that the city has experienced in recent years. This feeling is reflected in various paintings.

Artists Hans Kleinjan (1958), Maikel Kleinjan (1984) and Roderik Faasen (1990) brushed their heads in their studio in the Old North of Rotterdam. Their meeting in 2008 turned out to be a “match made in heaven”. Their work is now hanging all over the world; from a chic villa in New York to a bungalow in the Amazon. They have also exhibited in Milan, Antwerp, and London. They also painted live during events, such as the North Sea Jazz Festival and the MTV Awards. The majority of the paintings are made by the three of them together, resulting in surprising and especially colorful artworks.

More information about the exhibition ‘De Kleur is Terug’ and AAAFRESH123
Date: November 9, 2019
Time: 5 p.m. – 11 p.m.
Address: Zaagmolenkade 123/124, 3035 KD Rotterdam


Art The Hague 2019: these are the highlights from the program

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During Art The Hague 2019, there will be a varied and inspiring side program. This year the art fair is also collaborating with Museum Night The Hague. But much more is happening! Below a short overview:

  • Ajax and art, what can they learn from each other? Will be told by the editor of Online & Social Media Timo Bruijns;
  • Lecture “Forgotten Women” by art historian Trudi van Zadelhoff;
  • Young Collectors Day;
  • Cosmocafé;
  • Museum Night The Hague x ART The Hague.

On Saturday 5 October, the tenth edition of Museum Night The Hague will take place. When the doors at Art The Hague close at 8 pm, Museum Night starts!

Read the full press release here (in Dutch).

Art The Hague 2019 put women in the spotlights

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The seventh edition of Art The Hague will take place in The Hague from 2 to 6 October 2019. Young and renowned galleries from Belgium and the Netherlands present themselves at the fair. An important theme this year is the role of women in the art world. In the year of a hundred years of universal suffrage, women are still under-represented in art collections. With special attention to women in the arts, the fair wants to make a positive contribution to a better art climate in the Netherlands. Art The Hague is officially opened on October 2 at 6:30 pm by power woman Mirjam de Blécourt, employment lawyer, politician on behalf of the VVD and from

Read the full press release here (in Dutch).

Opening ‘Dilemma Doolhof’

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Thursday 13 June was the opening of the Dilemma Doolhof which roughly translates to ‘Dilemma Maze’. The Maze is art producer Mothership’s most recent interactive art installation. The extraordinary installation is located between the Canadian and British war cemeteries in Bergen op Zoom. The installation confronts visitors with major decisions in conflicts from past and present. The impact of the Second World War is made tangible and palpable during a walk in the maze. Through this experience the impact of World War II is conveyed to younger generations. The Dilemma Maze was conceptualized by Mothership and developed by Brabant Remembers in collaboration with the municipality Bergen of Zoom and Heijmans. Those present at the opening included Frank Petter – mayor of Bergen op Zoom, chairman of Stichting Crossroads Brabant ’40-’45 Ton Rombouts, provincial governor of Noord-Brabant Wim van de Donk and Canadian ambassador Sabine Nölke. The Maze will remain in Bergen op Zoom for a year.

Artist trio AAA and fashion brand Collect The Label launch limited edition t-shirts.

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Hans Kleinjan, Maikel Kleinjan en Roderik Faasen, a.k.a. AAA, work together for more than ten years. They are three creative minds with an equal passion for art and the same ideas. To Het zijn drie creatieve geesten met dezelfde ideeën en een passie voor kunst. To make their art known to a large audience in an easy, accessible way, they are launching four limited edition t-shirts in collaboration with fashion brand Collect The Label.

Read the full press release here (in Dutch).