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April 2020

The art of showing art today special 2020

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The cultural- and creative industries connect, help and inspire

Museums, galleries, (dance)theatres and creative hubs in the cultural- and creative industries are unfortunately forced by COVID-19 to keep their physical doors closed for the public. Luckily the industry does not lack creativity and innovation, which results in digital doors opening up left and right. Culture lovers can let out a sigh of relief thanks to many creative solutions and initiatives which enable the consumption of art at home. For the hardcore museum-goer there are virtual tours, for the dance-fanatic there are online streaming options of performances, for music-junkies there are live online concerts and for the fashion-creative there are digital fashion try-ons. Moreover, artists contribute significantly to society by sewing face masks, preparing food packages, and offering iconic art as a beacon of hope. Art is love!

Check out all initiatives here.